In Our America

Speech taken from the April 28th, 2018 protest of Trump campaign rally in Macomb County, MI.

Anyone wanna bet Trump tried to book the Palace of Auburn Hills, but the venue thought he was too racist? I’m not sure which is crazier, a municipal soccer arena in a corn field or the livestock auction Richard Spencer booked a couple months back. You’d think by now these Nazis woulda learned that we’ll show up to protest wherever they go.

Because we have to, there’s too much at stake to ignore the clear and present danger of racism, misogyny and homo/trans-phobia that serves as a focal point for Trump’s vain attempts at policy.

When Cheeto Benito isn’t trying to distract from Mueller’s investigation, or paying off Stormy Daniels, he’s busy destroying the lives of anyone who isn’t a straight, rich, white dude. He enabled ICE’s kidnapping and torture spree against Latin and Middle Eastern residents, tried to remove DACA, kept Guantanamo open and banned refugees from the same countries he just dropped millions of dollars’ worth of bombs on. 92 million just on the Tomahawk missiles alone, that’s almost enough to fix Flint’s water twice over.

If his direct policy isn’t enough, his cabinet appointments are even worse. DeVos gutted Title IX protections for victims of sexual assault on campus and is hellbent on obliterating public education, starting with Detroit. The Kraft Dinosaur in Chief also dodged a litany of rape allegations across his checkered career of bullying and bankruptcy, including preying on 13 year old children.

Hell, I could spend the entire event runtime recalling his sins just from his farce of a Presidency alone, but we need to remember the Fanta Fascist is a symptom of a larger disease. The kind of person who would murder Brennan Walker for asking directions are the same ones that line up at a pole barn for an hour of Trump’s manic, delusional bloviating.

We’ve got State Senators like Patrick Colbeck running for governor, who foments Islamaphobia and supported the right to work laws that force millions into dead-end jobs with unlivable wages. We’ve got legalized conversion therapy across the state, traumatizing young LGBTQIA people. We have steadfast refusal by both state and city level officials to deny the communities of Flint and Detroit the right to clean, affordable water.

These virulent bigots are still here, still bribing politicians and still voting to create a country where “White Makes Right”. That means we need to come out stronger to create a free and equal America for the first time. We have the candidates that can, and we’re chasing out incumbents that can’t.

In our America, working full time means you make enough for all your life’s needs. In our America, victims of assault can come forward without fear of reprisal. In our America, people of color can wait in a Starbucks and not fear for their life at a traffic stop. In our America, you can be your true self, and love who you choose. Forget taking the country back. In 2018, we’re taking it forward, and leaving those turds behind.


The Front Line – Casualties of an ACA Repeal

On a rainy Tuesday morning, February 21st, citizens gathered in front of Representative David Trott (R-MI)’s office to secure a meeting with his constituents and urge him to vote against legislation designed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. For the sixth time in as many weeks, constituents’ attempts to speak directly to their representatives have been rebuffed. Appeals for town halls were also denied, as Trott has not hosted one since April 9, 2015.

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Dreaming from the Waste – Chapter 3: Let the Wrong One In

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August 8, 2018
US Population: ~17 million

An overcast sky greeted the lens of the periscope as it poked through a thatch of evergreen bushes. The endless sea of gray above collided with a floor of dirt, pebbles, fallen leaves and an abandoned log cabin. Angela sighed as she lowered her view of the outside, all was as it was yesterday, and likely the same tomorrow. A small comfort, with excitement so often paired with danger these days, but incredibly dull. She returned to her workbench, snipping and twisting wires absentmindedly, forming a large coil at the foot of the table.

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Dreaming from the Waste – Chapter 2: Bridge Too Far

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The drive continued silently for a while, with Stacey pushing herself as close as she could to the door in the back seat. Jon glanced over a couple of times, thinking about saying something and then thinking better of it. Angela tried repeatedly to find a connection with her phone, but to no avail. David and Lawrence took turns manning the radio dial, taking great care to change the station should something inappropriately cheerful come on. The going became slower the further North they went, dispelling any notion they had beaten the panic. Initially, they were alone on the road between most exits, with only the trees, rolling hills and truck stop billboards to keep them company.

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Robotech – A Love Story

With Netflix adding Robotech to their roster this month, I got to take a trip down memory lane to re-experience my favorite show growing up. At first, I was afraid it would be a victim of confronting nostalgia, far better to remember than view again, but it holds up surprisingly well for three, unrelated, early 80s anime series being parsed together, re-cut and dubbed. That isn’t to say its not without its problems, but with Sony acquiring the rights to the franchise last year, the time is ripe to give this show a full remake or film universe. It’s not just a potentially good idea, if Sony’s attempt stays true to the series’ themes, this is the best possible franchise to build a cinematic universe around; to compete with Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

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Dreaming from the Waste – Chapter 1: Day Zero


Chapter List

September 21, 2016
US Population: ~330 million.

David drifted through space, turning effortlessly as a thousand tiny stars dotted his vision. He reached out to touch one close by, and the tip of his finger burst it like wind to a dandelion. He popped one more, then another, and the tiny specks of light filled the void even further. When it came time to breathe, he could gather no air. That wasn’t too strange, he was in space, after all. However, his lungs felt full of some spongy substance that crept up to his throat. He jabbed his chest, trying to dislodge whatever filled him, but it only grew further, until he could feel it on his tongue. With no breath, his consciousness began to fade, all the stars winking out, giving way to an unceasing sea of black. He awoke, with a pallor gripping him and gooseflesh rippling over his skin. Hang on, air’s going in, air’s going out. It’s just a dream, I’m fine. He paid it little mind, threw off his covers and dressed in the black graphic tee and cargo shorts he wore the day before. Thus began his morning routine, gray eyes and fair hair greeting him in the mirror, but he couldn’t shake the goosebumps. After washing, he started catching up on current events on his favorite message board, when he noticed an odd post pinned to the top of the forum display. “What happened to Maine?” was the title. Having seen nothing on the news, he was reasonably secure in its status as both state and landmass, but curiosity demanded he open the post. It originated at 9 AM, two hours ago.

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Fallout 4 – Mass. Hysteria

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After 120 hours, 50 levels gained, 100+ quests completed and a higher body count than the Khmer Rouge, its safe to say that Bethesda has provided a much needed fix. Fallout 4 is their most ambitious world yet, in terms of scale. Some mechanics changed (no more skills, fully voiced protagonist, crafting and settlements) and many stayed the same. Is it the best in the genre? Maybe, and this review aims to find out how it stacks up against its predecessors.

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