Grand Tournament: Rare Arena Studs and Duds

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Hey everyone, get in here! Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament has been out for a couple months, which provided plenty of opportunities to playtest. The last article took a look at some of the under-the-radar commons that can help win a game. Since the rare pool is a lot shallower, there isn’t much that’ll be beneath the notice of an Arena veteran. After rigorous competition, these three emerged victorious as the best Arena rares for the new set:

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Grand Tournament – Common Arena Studs and Duds

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The Grand Tournament has finally reached the general public. Hero powers just got a lot more interesting, and blood sacrifices to RNJesus won’t be crucial for a winning record, now that Goblins vs. Gnomes is taking a back seat. While Hearthstone has added a new play mode in Tavern Brawl, a new set of prizes in their monthly ranked chest, Arena is still the most consistent means of upgrading one’s collection. With a few days to test their new Inspire mechanic, it looks like a welcome addition to the fold: generally useful without being broken. The previous article was focused on constructed play, and was rare heavy as a result. Since this is Arena focused, only commons will be reviewed, since that’s gonna be most of the deck anyway. The commons most valued in this article tend to be effective as standalone cards, ones that need a tribal affiliation or additional combo piece to be effective are marked down.

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Chicago Bears 2015 Season Preview

Originally posted on Uproxx in the summer of 2015, David Rappoccio was kind enough to allow me to post a “fan voice” section on the article, here’s the except:

8-8 would be a blessing for the Bears after what happened last season. Two-straight years of the worst defense in the league, an OC ratting on his QB (and later beating up teenagers for taking his beach chairs), Jimmy Clausen playing, despite a healthy starter present, and all Trestman could say was they had a great week of practice and he’d need to look at the tape. All that dysfunction and it’s a miracle they even got five wins last year.

Thankfully, the Bears cleaned house and brought in GM Ryan Pace, who in turn hired John Fox, Adam Gase and Vic Fangio. They brought in some solid players, like Pernell McPhee and Eddie Royal, but jettisoned Brandon Marshall, a move leaving him so jilted that Kyle Orton became his favorite quarterback to play with. With the seventh overall pick, they selected Kevin White… currently on the PUP list with shin splints and may miss the entire preseason [Edit: Missed entire season with shin splints]. His biggest knock coming out of the draft was a lack of experience, so there’s not much hope for an Odell Beckham, Jr.-esque debut.

There’s a chance for the team to make the playoffs, but they’d need to at least break even with an early schedule that features four playoff teams from last year. Week 1 vs. the Packers will be telling. This team hasn’t beaten them with Aaron Rodgers under center since Week 3 of 2010. After that, they play the Cardinals and then travel to play the Seahawks. It’s a bleak proposition to consider a 1-2 start as the best-case scenario.

An idiot might tell you this season is already over because Cutler is starting, but he’s probably not gonna be that terrible. There’s no shortage of good targets on the Bears, the O-line probably won’t have every member miss some time again, and Gase’s offense runs more than screens and sideline deep shots. That said, its gonna take an extremely healthy team and a lot of luck if they want to be better than .500.