Dreaming from the Waste – Chapter 3: Let the Wrong One In

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August 8, 2018
US Population: ~17 million

An overcast sky greeted the lens of the periscope as it poked through a thatch of evergreen bushes. The endless sea of gray above collided with a floor of dirt, pebbles, fallen leaves and an abandoned log cabin. Angela sighed as she lowered her view of the outside, all was as it was yesterday, and likely the same tomorrow. A small comfort, with excitement so often paired with danger these days, but incredibly dull. She returned to her workbench, snipping and twisting wires absentmindedly, forming a large coil at the foot of the table.

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Robotech – A Love Story

With Netflix adding Robotech to their roster this month, I got to take a trip down memory lane to re-experience my favorite show growing up. At first, I was afraid it would be a victim of confronting nostalgia, far better to remember than view again, but it holds up surprisingly well for three, unrelated, early 80s anime series being parsed together, re-cut and dubbed. That isn’t to say its not without its problems, but with Sony acquiring the rights to the franchise last year, the time is ripe to give this show a full remake or film universe. It’s not just a potentially good idea, if Sony’s attempt stays true to the series’ themes, this is the best possible franchise to build a cinematic universe around; to compete with Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

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